Issue One


In Bread With

It’s not weird, it’s your sandwich. So do as you please. We asked six interesting people what’s in theirs.

GZA aka The Genius
Spiritual Leader of the Wu-Tang Clan

Tomato / Cucumber / Spinach / Mayonnaise / Rye / Mustard

Jessica Ennis
Olympic Gold Medalist

Ciabatta spread with pesto / Fresh roast chicken
Parmesan infused mayonnaise / Portobello mushrooms / Rocket

John C. Reilly

Open-faced Toasted bagel
Provolone grilled, so the cheese melts / Salami

Daisy Lowe

A Reuben from Mishkins / Toasted rye / Salt beef / Melted swiss cheese
Sauerkraut / Mustard / A big pickle on the side

Blek Le Rat

Pan Bagnat from the city of Nice
Boule / Tuna in oil / Radish / Tomato
Pepper / Onion / Hard boiled egg / Anchovy

Florence Welch

Ham / Mustard / Wholegrain bread
Very specifically, it would have to be made by my dad...
He’s got some kind of special touch. Then you STEAL half.


Sandwich Editor: Josh Jones / Photography: Marc Sethi
Art Direction: Paul Sethi / Styling: Nicole Herft